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Kelly Price

Phone: 207.947.6500
Direct: 207.404.4559
Fax: 207.947.6400

Meet Kelly Price – the one who keeps it all going. With an impressive tenure of over 15 years, Kelly has evolved into the firm administrator, intake specialist, marketing manager, and more – essentially our go-to person to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Kelly efficiently manages our daily operations, takes pride in making the client’s journey seamless and approachable right from the start, and brings her creative touch to the firm’s outreach efforts. Kelly’s knack for connecting with people shines through, whether through a quick joke or words of reassurance, and creates a welcoming atmosphere at Maine Elder Law Firm. Her ability to juggle these diverse roles showcases her commitment and versatility. Kelly Price embodies dedication, warmth, and a can-do spirit that makes her an indispensable part of our firm’s success.

Off-duty (although we are not sure she would ever call herself off-duty), Kelly lives in Bangor with her husband, Derek. Their shining light is their daughter, Lily, (and now their grand fur babies, Summer and Adina). Kelly and Derek share a love for enjoying a night out without cooking!