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Planning for Protection and Peace of Mind

At the Maine Elder Law Firm, we know that having a plan for the future offers peace of mind in the present. Our mission is to help you achieve that peace of mind, whether you are creating an estate plan, probating an estate, preparing for the possibility of long-term care, or seeking to protect or establish eligibility for public benefits like MaineCare for yourself or for a loved one.

Our law firm was one of the first in the state to focus exclusively on the legal needs of aging Mainers and people with disabilities. We are committed to providing clear guidance and competent legal representation in a warm and welcoming environment. We work as a team to address your unique circumstances, and we coordinate with your financial and health professionals as needed to create a seamless, comprehensive plan for the future.

The Maine Elder Law Firm is based in Bangor and serves clients throughout Maine, especially Central, Eastern, and Northern Maine. We look forward to working with you.

If you want a law firm with a professional, knowledgeable and most importantly a caring staff contact the Maine Elder Law Firm.”
– Client

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