Becoming a Client

Our Goals for You

Talk with anyone at the Maine Elder Law Firm, and you will find that we really enjoy what we do. We are honored to provide legal strategies to help clients meet their goals, and we enjoy the challenge of designing legal solutions to legal problems. We want the following for you:

  • To feel welcome;
  • To know you have been heard;
  • To have a partner in resolving your legal concerns;
  • To gain peace of mind; and
  • To feel confident that you will pay a fair fee for the time, energy, and knowledge we bring to the matter and the legal documents and resolutions you receive in return.

Initial Contact, Conflict Check, and Intake Interview

We are proud of our efficient and friendly intake process. No one wants to play phone tag. No one should ever feel like they have been treated rudely or with disrespect. No one wants to devote time to an initial consultation only to learn we can’t help.

Our intake process starts with you. You may call us at 207-947-6500 or send a message to

Your first conversation will be with Kelly Price. Our intake specialist will get enough information to run a necessary conflict check to be sure we are able to work with you. Then she will collect more information from you and help you schedule the initial consultation. She will send you an email or a letter to confirm the appointment. That correspondence will likely enclose a short worksheet to help you collect your thoughts.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation may be the most important part of your journey at the Maine Elder Law Firm. The attorney will do more listening than talking. We want to fully understand your circumstances, so we can propose the best legal solutions. In turn, you need the opportunity to decide if our firm is a good fit and if you have confidence in our ability to help.

Fees and Engagement Agreement

We charge for the initial consultation. This is different from trial attorneys, who often advertise heavily. They may be paid a percentage of what they “win” for you. That’s not what we do.

Until we have the initial consultation, we are not able to estimate fees. We wish we could, but we need to learn more from you about how we can help. Once you have met with one of our attorneys and have had the opportunity to explain your circumstances, we almost always are able to estimate the total costs.

If this is the right firm for you, we will offer you an engagement agreement. It is a contract that describes the legal services to be provided and how fees and expenses will be billed. We encourage you to ask questions. We want you to be confident you are in the right place.

Ready to Get Started?

Call us at 207-947-6500 or send a message to to schedule an intake interview.