MaineCare Planning and Applications

Medicaid provides health care coverage to those who meet the financial criteria. For some Medicaid programs, there are also medical criteria. Medicaid is called MaineCare in the State of Maine.

MaineCare Planning

At the Maine Elder Law Firm, we use legitimate long-term care planning / asset protection strategies to help qualify hundreds of individuals for MaineCare long-term care benefits which pay for nursing home care, care in assisted living / residential care settings, and nursing services in the home.

MaineCare Applications and Appeals

The rules regarding eligibility for medical assistance are complex, as are the rules regarding the five-year lookback, the transfer penalty, and Medicaid estate recovery. In addition, the process of filing a MaineCare application can be tedious, intimidating and overwhelming.

The Maine Elder Law Firm represents individuals before the Department of Health and Human Services. The firm prepares and files applications on behalf of applicants. In the event that an application is denied, the Maine Elder Law Firm represents clients on appeals of those denials.

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When our loved one was diagnosed with two forms of dementia at a young age, we had no idea the long and twisted road we were going to travel. Medical and mental health care for dementia comes with a multitude of unknowns, and support is not always re…”
– Client