Fifteen Myths Regarding Medicaid Nursing Home Benefits in Maine Myth 7 and 8

This series highlights the eligibility rules for Maine Medicaid (MaineCare) nursing home benefits and dispels certain myths the families that work with our office often hear.

Myth 7: My Income Has to Be Used to Pay My Spouse’s Nursing Home Bill.

The Truth: This is not true in Maine. Only the institutionalized spouse’s income has to be used to pay his or her nursing home bill.

Myth 8: All of My Spouse’s Income Must Be Used to Pay the Bill if My Spouse is on Medicaid in a Nursing Home.

The Truth:The law allows the community spouse to keep some of the institutionalized spouse’s income if the community spouse’s income is below certain limits. The institutionalized spouse is also allowed to keep enough income to pay medical premiums, as well as a $40 personal needs allowance.

Rachel Trafton, Esq
Maine Elder Law Firm