Navigating life as an adult with disabilities or as a caregiver for someone with special needs can be complex and overwhelming. From understanding legal rights to accessing essential services and resources, there are numerous challenges to overcome.

The Special Needs Alliance recently published a handbook full of knowledge and guidance to help individuals and families confidently navigate the journey and advocate effectively for themselves or their loved ones. What to Know About Being an Adult with Disabilities - SNA (

Of course, not all circumstances are the same for those navigating the complexities of life with disabilities. But this handbook is a comprehensive resource that addresses the biggest legal challenges we hear from our clients: supported decision making, public benefits, transitioning out of high school, living arrangements, and protecting financial resources for an individual with disabilities.

We are a proud member of the Special Needs Alliance and encourage you to read, utilize, or share this tool with individuals or families that you think could benefit from a resource like this.