When our loved one was diagnosed with two forms of dementia at a young age, we had no idea the long and twisted road we were going to travel. Medical and mental health care for dementia comes with a multitude of unknowns, and support is not always readily available. It is a very stressful and overwhelming situation. On top of that comes legal matters that are complex.

When it came to legal support, we had no doubt about who we were going to turn to. We have known the Skelton family for many years in many capacities, and Jane was our first call. We had confidence she could handle the complex legal needs of a family dealing with dementia. We were happy to call upon her to help us, even though we are hours away from her office. From powers of attorney, wills, long-term planning, and navigating the turbulent waters of the Department of Human Services, Jane has been kind, consistent, thoughtful, thorough, and successful in all that we have asked of her, and all that she has done on our behalf.

In our fight for care for our loved one, we hit a major roadblock. Jane did not give up or give in. She communicated the situation with emphasis on being realistic, open, and honest. Never did she portray herself, her firm, or the situation to be something it was not. She laid all of the details out, including the pro's and con's. She reached outside of her office to other professionals that she networks with. This allowed her to utilize their services and experience, to enhance her own knowledge of current and past policy and legislation. I found it honorable and comforting that if she felt she did not have an answer for us, that she was willing and wanting to reach out and find the answer. The result was an amazing outcome for our family, which will also help other families in the same situation. She took monumental amounts of stress off of our family and made things as simple as possible for us. This gave us the ability to spend our energy on loving and supporting our loved one.

The entire staff at the office deserves mention. No matter the urgency or topic that was the reason for our correspondence, the staff was efficient, courteous, professional, and responsive to our needs.