Age of Opportunity Series

Maine Elder Law Firm, a Practice of Rudman Winchell, is proud to be a sponsor of the monthly, yearlong Age of Opportunity series of articles by the Bangor Daily News. The series explores "Maine people, organizations, towns and businesses that are helping keep older residents safe, healthy and happy." The most recent article, "The Frontlines of Elder Exploitation: Sometimes, Bank Tellers are the Only People Able to See the Abuse," describes signs that an elder is being financially exploited and the role that banks, and particularly bank tellers, can play in noticing those signs. Some banks in Maine are participating in the Senior$afe program to help employees identify when someone is being financially abused. Rudman Winchell helps individuals who have experienced this type of abuse remedy the harm done and keep the abuser out of the elder's life. If you believe you or someone you know has suffered financial exploitation, the article also lists a number of other resources that may be appropriate.
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